Loving What you do and Doing what you Love – Say What?


Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it – Buddha

When I was a little girl, I dreamed a dream.  I would lie in bed at night and………decorate my future house, and go about living happily as an adult, meandering through all kinds of scenarios, falling in love, travelling to Paris ………..


I would indulge myself before I would go to sleep with plans and visions for when I grew up.  I would also do some planning for my immediate life….

……I would make whole wardrobes for my dolls and later I would press my Nana to bring them into form. Her devotion, indulgence, skill and creativity were amazing. I knew, like no other adult in my life at the time, that she was truly  present with me.  I knew that she was love in action.  She was an anchor of attention and nurture, in a sea of ordinary.  Filled up with this love, I would dance delightedly with her creations.   My doll would have easily been the best dressed on the street, if not in the whole town.  My Nana, also did other wonderful things, like make whole rag dolls, complete with hair, faces, freckles, fancy dresses and matching bloomers..

An imaginary dream-scape  was built in multiple facets of my future self’s life all before falling sleep, with an accompanying  weird sense of fulfillment.   Some nights it was super cold, freezing in my bed. Too cold to get up to get my hottie filled and I would distract myself with my marvelous future dreams.

I was certainly planning a bright future then.  As I grew into a teenager, I felt that I had the whole world to conquer.  I was torn between Accounting and Dress Design. The Accounting became my career and the Dress Design, became my passion with numerous fashion design finalist entries to my name and a win at the Montana Fashion Design award, where I won in among 27 entries from the Wellington Wearable Art Competition of the same year.

It wasn’t only what I was to do by day, but what I would do as a career and other dreams, other ambitions, like living happily ever after with multiple life successes and fulfillment’s.

You will have similar experiences. Dreaming of growing up and conquering the world.  All uniquely tailored to your developing skills and how you were molded within your upbringing and beyond.  Childhood aspirations.

It would seem from other sources that only 6 to 30 percent of us actually live out our childhood aspirations.  We wish to be actors, singers, fashion designers and the prime minister, but ‘life’ kicks in and we become entrenched in the everyday, the mundane. We lose ourselves in survival, in the current of the downward stream.  A current that can seem too strong to conquer, so surrender to unfulfilled dreams becomes the norm.  Succumbing to the many stresses of contemporary  living.  Stress levels are through the roof.  We are time poor and with each passing year, we cram more into the day.  The age of “Being” is a luxury and we live in the age of “Doing”.  Do. Do.Do.  Do more, achieve more, be more. Do it, do it!

A whooping 70% in a US poll in 2013 showed were  unfulfilled  or disengaged in their jobs and this poll reflects the recent kiwi statistics showing that 3 out of 4 are unhappy in their jobs.

Shooting for our dreams, is it just plan impractical?



Follow a path to your future,

fulfilled and financially free

with MAGIC DUST of decadent,

dreams and desires 

Make a wish

1, 2, 3

None of us seem to have a fairy god mother and a magic wand. There are pressures. Pressures from our environment, in the form of community expectations, expectations of our schools, teachers, friends, families, governments and parents. The right and wrong is told to us through the fears of our communities.  The school system has a lot of influence at a deep level and many of us have the reminders of things that were said by teachers and others,  “you’ll never amount to anything if you don’t get” this exam, success or certificate.

In New Zealand, success is structured around ‘title’ and education as well as status.

We are shaped by our environment, our financial and social climate, norms and expectations.  We are conditioned also by our emotional journey.

We do live in a complicated world.  We do seem to be encouraged to be practical and within the real limits that our world cradles us in.

Do you know what you wanted to grow up to be?  Did you have within you a goal or plan that you are putting on hold for practical reasons or survival?

So where does this all leave us?


Happiness is the most important experience you can cultivate for yourself.  Happiness is key and it is a choice.  Prioritising happiness in the formula of your life, will bring rich reward.  These rewards can be felt in areas such as relationships, physical and emotional health.  And studies show happiness is directly related to motivation and performance.

“The best leaders are the ones who show their true colors not during the banner years but during times of struggle.”
Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work


When you identify that you are a unique person, like a snowflake.  A special frequency or pattern that makes you you.  This uniqueness has specialised skills and gifts that are perfect for someone else to experience and when you see that that gives you a special ‘market’.  This realisation is actually pivotal in following your dreams.




I love this idea.  This is about touching the world.  Leaving your mark.  Making a difference.  I believe that each and every one of us, is a unique person with a unique reason for being.  What if your dream (purpose)and he action of your dream was a requirement for ‘humanity’ as a whole.

What you do and the way you do it, is important.  Your PURPOSE for living, what did you come here to do?  Understanding your legacy or purpose is super nurturing.  It links into your soul.  It links into a deep truth and satisfaction within you.


Being in the now takes practice.  But in the now, all worries and expectations melt away. In this space, who you are and what you truly want can whisper at you.  Being in this space also allows problem solving and insights to drift in.  In this space real ideas for solving the ‘dream’ can come to you.  It is exciting to see this really working in life.

Flowing takes practice.

Flowing is about being at peace with where you are and knowing that you trust yourself and life to get to those dream outcomes.

NOW presence

Living in the present is about not thinking about the past.  The mistakes, the things that have happened to hurt us or to deter our momentum.  Living in the present means we should not put expectations on our future that are unrealistic and that cause us pain in the present.  Being in the NOW is about self dicipline to see the relationship between our thoughts and our emotions and taking control of what we want to think and feel.

This is about releasing it all.  To BE.  It is about BEING and not DOING.

Beyond this being in the NOW can be about meditation as a practice.

The JOURNEY not the Destination

Enjoying the movement of your life on a daily basis.  Putting your dreams and visions into the satisfaction that we can gain and we move towards our plans.  The small wins and experiences that build the process of heading for our visions.

Shawn Achor prescribes a number of techniques to be happy now.  One of them is to override the current feeling.  By overriding how we feel toward optimism, we create a more peaceful and happy experience. When we create a more peaceful and happy experience, we create a better firing in our bodies and we reduce the stress on our thinking and we relax about where we are NOT. This is about the journey.  About enjoying the experiences everyday, whether in a job we are not satisfied with or stuck in traffic.  How we deal and feel about our experiences is directly related to happiness levels and to reaching our dreams.


It is important to use a diary to ‘goal post’ your dreams.  Seeing progression is important. As human beings we love to create.  It is innate in us.  So seeing the product of our creating by mapping and tracking is important.

Set yourself wee assignments everyday to reach for that dream.  It is super satisfying to see this progression.  If there are too many other things to do.  Make your task a small one. It is interesting to note that the task towards your dreams creates immense satisfaction and can balance the other more mundane things we do each day.  This can give a LIFT and give us MOMENTUM towards our dreams.


Beware of the self talk.  “I can’t”,” I shouldn’t”, ” I would never”.  All the absolutes are locking your brain into the feelings of the opposite of optimism and showing a clear ‘leak’ of what your sub conscious is really about.  You know the saying “Never say can’t”.


How you view your circumstances, can create ease or friction.  Be careful not to be angry, sad or reluctant about the many things we do with our day.  Bring a smile to every task. Practice this.  This will lift your current experience and bring more momentum to your energy and your ultimate goal.


We all think we are in control.  We choose, act and live our lives from feeling like we are in control.  But actually our bodies (as whole functioning units, systems within systems) are governed by our subconscious and so therefore is our experience.  My recent blog…shares more about this.  We need to get our life on our own radar.  We need to see what is serving us and what is not.  Why we are not acting in the direction of fulfillment and fulfilling our dreams.  By identifying and strategising to change, either through conscious work or through adopting some other therapy or therapist, will bring about the hidden reasons why we hesitate, why we don’t have confidence, why we don’t seem to get momentum even though we try hard.


This is the number 1 reason why most of us don’t even start.  When we are faced with changing our norms, to reach for our potential, questions about our survival come in, we fear criticism from others.  Lots of reasons ‘why not’ that are based in fear.  There is nothing to fear.  You must strategies this new adventure.  You must consider all of the fears that drift into your mind as valid or non valid.  If they are valid, you must trust yourself to find solutions.  Everything has a solution.


Be Thankful.  Every day to all the great success, small and large.  This is extremely important to train your brain to see the good.  To take actions toward good.  This creates a way for your brain to scan for opportunities, not obstacles.

Journals are great tools, in creating momentum for our dreams to manifest.  Looking at where we have come and the progress is super important.  Bring conscious and give yourself a ‘pat on the back’.   Make sure you celebrate you, take into account all the wonderful things your have learnt, that you do and how others around you appreciate you. Make sure you do an inventory of your life and put in new practices to change what you don’t like and commit to doing what you do like.


Ego is the part of you that plays with the expectations of society.  The part of you that wants to survive, and worries about it.  It is a false sense of self.  A part of you, that can do things against your conscience.  This conscience can be about others needs or your own. Identifying and researching what the ego means can help you really lock in what you want.

In identifying your dream, it is important to reevaluate.  Childhood dreams, may not be what the adult you wants.  As well as dreams changing shape, we do.  What we want to live a prosperous, balanced and happy life might be out of sync.

It is important to identify what drives us.  Is it Love and appreciation?  Is it aspire for status or a belief that no longer serves us?  Is it for more time?  What do you value in your life and who?  What do you think is the ‘power’ in your life?  What has ‘power’ over you?


Our bodies are bio chemical machines.  Each component has a role in the whole.   It is important to listen to our bodies, before the stress really hits and putting care of our physical body and physical needs is a must in the dream equation.

More and more studies are showing that lots of our health limitations can  have correction or support from a balanced lifestyle with good whole fresh food, clean air and heaps  of quality sleep.  Keep toxins, like alcohol, smoking and artificial additives to a minimum.


Is time more important than money?  Our time is a gift.   We must priorities ourselves in the itinerary  of our days.  We need time to be, to think to feel to dream.  It is important to make sure that our ultimate goals are not monetary.  We are not machines.  By taking the stance that you and your wellbeing is the pay off, abundance flows.


When you realise that your dreams are important, you shouldn’t just leave your day  job. Balance is important.  There is a real need to take care of the foundation of your life.

MAKE A PLAN today.

When you understand what you want and why, use the suggestions and make a plan.  Put your plan into some visuals.  

Excercise:  Get a big piece of cardboard and paste pictures onto it with words.  Be creative, dream it.  Express it and show.  Show pictures with the emotions that represent your dream being fulfilled.  This is called a dream board.

When you are reminded by seeing your dream board, right beside your dressing table each morning, or on the fridge, you keep getting reminders of the motivation, to

shake up the


and make your mark the



I say reach for the stars.  The stars love to hang out with us.  What if the whole of your earth, was a playground for your experience?  For you to love and live and dance with creation.

da Motivational Guru (a division of Decimal Guru)

Carol Moulin


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Rewire – Be in Love with Life!!



The question: If something was missing from our life, be it love or success or some other experience, action or thing.  Does that impact our happiness?

In business and in life, the balance across all levels of our lives is key to attaining performance.  At a subconscious level, if we have limits emotionally from a layer in our conditioning, this can impact our decision making, our confidence, our performance and ultimately the direction we take our careers and businesses.

Love is a taboo word in the world of business.  But loving what you do is talked about often at mid life and if things just don’t work out.  But we are often putting the real issue of love, loving and connection in the back ground for business success.

This is a belated article.  Around Valentines day there was a lot of commotion about Love and relationships and recently leap year heralded a once in a few year opportunity for women alone to ‘pop the question’.  The Edge (NZ Radio) was recently talking about a line in Lukas Grahams new song ‘Seven Years Old’, “when I was eleven years old my daddy told me to find a wife or I would be lonely”. They were talking about the conditioning that most, if not all of us, are all held in the grasp of.  Love, defined as being in a relationship is indeed a belief that we are have running concurrent with the preoccupation of living, working, eating and doing everyday things.

Such deep seated beliefs about love and relationships are first patterned to us by our parents, our environment and the influence of media in the form of movies and lyrics, such as Lukas Graham’s.  But it goes deeper than that and is in our psyche with fairy tales being told to us from a young age, traditional fairy tales, and contemporary ones lived day in and day out by us all as a level of expectation, albeit rather out of context for some, at the depths of how we live our lives.

Girls particularly are cultivated in the belief system of our society that we are to grow up to find ‘the one’ and ‘live happily ever after’ This belief is supported by the comments around us and with the giggles of girlfriends, which I can remember as young as eight, with my first crush. Georgina Isbister (University of Sydney)in her article “Sex and the City: a post feminist fairy tale” extends the fairy tale for a contemporary life and does a wonderful job of extending the influence of ‘the fairy tale’ theories.  Then the blokes, well they have a different perspective, not about giggles, but other desires born from the conditioning of action based roles, working, and providing.  Many many articles and books have been written as we contemplate the phenomena of love. My position as I share this is not about gender perspective roles, but rather the stance that love is all around us.

The need for love is magnetic, it is innate.  Neuroscience research can see where such actions and feelings fire in our brains and The Heart Math Institute can show how our hearts emit an electromagnetic field as shown by this quote from The Heart Math Institute

“The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. The electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG).”

They have researched, that we reach and influence our reality.  This clearly shows that the range of love is entirely relevant to our experience.

Working with clients over the years, the “love problem” has come up over and over again and the desire to be happy often hinges on this target despite the ever growing statistics of singles.  Shawn Achor, author of “The Happiness Advantage” writes about the seeking of happiness being a goal instead of a decision now.  He explains that we often put off being happy to a future event.  Like getting a job, getting enough money or a relationship.

My article today is with this premise in mind.

The template that I will share in this article has been inspired from my journey and the research that I have accidentally happened upon whilst supporting other clients.

Love seems to be a focus, but it comes in many forms.  Happiness and Love can go hand in hand, as I mentioned earlier.  But lets dive a little deeper here.  It has been said that the English language has some limitation in defining the word ‘love’, the Greeks might have had a better way of using words to describe the phenomena that we all feel.  I know talking to many over the years, that love can bring up cringes.  Certainly, in business we definitely seem to go “eek, not that word in the office!”.

Greek words for love and the many forms of love: eros (sexual passion), agapa (a love for everyone), philia (deep friendship), ludus (a playful love), pragma (a longstanding love) and philautia (love of the self).

All of these words bring about a feeling within us.  A stance if you like.  A sense of being, or connection.

In the business world, I honestly don’t think there is a word, Greek or otherwise. Maybe integrity and right action.  Ethics maybe.  In a course on Commercial Law that I did many years ago I learnt that at the level of common law a precedent was set by a famous case Donoghue v Stevenson.  duty of care’ was the common law precedent established by this case.  Duty of care is “to love thy neighbour”.  Such a premise seems to have been forgotten by many in business.  With the need to win over the need to do what is right.  I have certainly witnessed many situations where negligence was present and the balance of justice did not weigh with the victim.  The law being about ‘putting a case forward’ and not necessarily about ‘loving thy neighbour’.

Many of us are crippled by love particularly, but others by financial failure or other perceived personal limitation.

So how do we bring a level of balance into our life with so many complexities?

The question: If something was missing from our life, be it love or success or some other experience, action or thing.  Does that make or break our happiness?

No: Shawn Achor says that happiness is a choice.  It can be a choice even within the flow of limitation.

Below is a chart to show how to take a Life Warrant of Fitness.  There are ten scores and each represents an area of your life.  An overall score shows a summary of how you are feeling. Adding them up gives you a life performance overview.

Life warrant MotivationGuru.jpg

By going through this exercise, you can bring conscious what works and what limits.

This template was developed to bring “love” into evaluating our life performance. This is important to show the perspective of love as a real need.  Love is what drives us, it is paramount.  The seeking that we do, I believe is actually so integral to who we are as human beings existing in a world of opposites.  The connected nature of reality draws us magnetically together.

My work with clients is around bringing conscious their thoughts and feelings.  The Love issue has been prominent in my life and in the lives of clients and I would have to say honestly that my quest for Love has indeed become my quest for happiness as the absence of romantic love has spurred my understanding of myself and my power in the world.

Not only have we been conditioned to see relationships through a perspective of cultural norms, but we have by contrast learnt beliefs about the opposite of those norms.  This also needs to be identified in terms of performance, particularly in business. Therefore by consciously contemplating what drives us personally and collectively we have an opportunity to identify where we can make internal changes in how we think, feel and act.

Values and life missions come into this subject, for what we are here to do is not simply about our careers or even our families, but pushing ourselves beyond the limits that we have imagined.  For limits are illusions set by our own beliefs.  They can be shifted by application of some discipline.


  1. Change today, what we did yesterday, to identify the 'problem' areas.
    (The exercise above will help to do this)
  2. Strategise how to implement changes. Planning.
  3. ACTION daily.
  4. DAILY reveiw .  Commitment and consistency.

Shawn Achor says that the brain is ‘plastic’and in 21 days we can create new pathways in our brain.  Plasticity of the brain means we are not locked into our behaviours.  We have control.  We can change our experience by changing what we think, feel and do.

Bruce Lipton, who is the author of Biology of Belief.  Wrote in his more recent book about the honeymoon effect.  (book titled, The Honeymoon Effect).  He explained that when we fall in love we experience the following:

A state of bliss, passion, energy, and health resulting from a huge love. Your life is so beautiful that you can’t wait to get up to start a new day and you thank the Universe that you are alive.

Bruce Lipton also relays that we are 95% subconscious and only 5 % conscious.  In this subconscious level are beliefs about our world, about love.  What happened in the first 7 years of our life plays itself out in our adult world.  If we were hurt in those first seven years with regard to love for example, we will have a ‘program’ that comes up with love experiences.  Of course the same is said about say our beliefs about money or success etc.  But love is a key player in our business performance.  Love links to all kinds of other aspects of our being.

So what we think about, the chatter that goes on that triggers our emotions is important to bring conscious.   Beliefs shape who we are.  And they shape our expectations about any given desire we have in life.  If we want to be prosperous and happy then our subconscious will be playing along, even if you don’t realise it.

Happiness is linked to performance both in our personal life, in terms of engagement and experience and in our business life in terms of success, motivation and performance.

To have someone in our lives as a significant other is only about 1/10th of our life, but to be limiting our life by our conscious and subconscious preoccupation about what is not working will directly affect our other relationships, our physical body and ultimately our performance at work.

Some of us know innately that love in its many forms is part of the human experience, as is the striving for betterment, for making our mark, to leave a legacy.  That is why I believe templates like the one I have shared above are important to bring conscious our needs, wants and desires across all areas of our living experience.

To bring happiness to the fore as a moment to moment choice, I recommend:

  • Learn your truth and practice speaking it in a harmonious way
  • Spend time in nature
  • Cultivate a perspective of contemplating the beauty all around you
  • Thinking consciously about what your goals are by templates like the one shown to you, take action to change and be consistent for 21-28 days.
  • Seek healing in a modality that resonates for any areas of limitation that are beyond your ability to master.
  • Be kind to yourself and others
  • Live a life of freedom by knowing what you are about, what is important.
  • Celebrate your talents and successes, daily.
  • Be grateful, daily
  • See the world through eyes of wonder, like the honeymoon effect.  Be in love with life.

By giving our lives a Warrant of Fitness and applying the methods provided in this article we have an opportunity to live in vitality.


Written with Business Love

Carol Moulin

director Decimal Guru

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Reference links:

Georgina   Article : http://w3.unisa.edu.au/cil/csaa/files/isbister_edited_version.pdf

Greek words for Love: http://www.yesmagazine.org/happiness/the-ancient-greeks-6-words-for-love-and-why-knowing-them-can-change-your-life








Crown Masquerade

Strawberry Cheesecake

Fit for a Queen I say!

A crown of ruby jewel strawberry atop an inner creamy wealth, with a base of biscuit.

This crown, a royal tart……is masquerading as a cheesecake!

Meandering the meaning behind the why’s and why nots of a diet low in refined sugar, gluten and dairy free is quite a life changer for this southland born gal.  I grew up in a sleepy community,  where tractors rolling and chugging down the main street were normal, along with meat and veg mains.  My mother a keen bread maker and cook would supply us with iced coconut cup cakes and brandy snaps and the more treasured treats like cherry and almond louise slice.

Suffice to say I learnt the art of cooking within these traditions and later with the influence of a mother in law, the louise slice became gooey caramel and the country eggs from the farm home I found myself living on became pavlova, both traditional and rolled.  The eggs for these treats were found over the way, from the rumble, character proud farm house I called home, down the hill, across the paddock and over a fence or two. Happy chickens makes bright coloured happy yolks and spare eggs meant desserts.  Sadly this egg abundance stopped with life changes and a migration up country to the friendly city of Dunedin.

These traditions leave us with warm feelings and nostalgic memories.  The memories are often hard to shake and the habits indeed harder when it comes to changing lifestyle choices for sugar, gluten and dairy.

It is true, I have mourned my former ways.  The nostalgia of pudding, dessert, cream and tart.  The nostalgia of saucy caramel and other truffle.  I used to be happy to eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and if it came in the form of a scrumptious cake, then so be it.  I was the queen cook for our family at Christmas with traditions with a twist and fridges filled with fluffy cream and custard.

Adventures into gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free have insisted my cooking approach be re-vamped, re-conditioned and re-evaluated.  I have found myself combining ingredients for their health benefits and not to the benefit of my sensory indulgence.

So I was so excited to satisfy my taste buds earlier this week with a stunner treat.  This little artistic, layered and strategically stacked delight seduced me from Sugar’s glass cabinet.  Winking at me with her royal tease, regally sitting on her platform inviting to me with her commanding reign.  A thought went through my head “this can’t be so,  a treat , gluten free, refined sugar free and also dairy free.” My experience with cheesecake is dairy.  What this means is, cream cheese  – dairy.  But no, here we have a delight with the same look as a mini cheesecake but with labels that proclaim – friendly reign – safe for me from allergy.

I eagerly sat down with two forks one for me and one for my cafe treat companion.  I put the first morsel into my mouth and sampled the texture and the taste.  I was waiting for the treat to be nothing more than a farce of seduction, but was delightedly surprised.   I  marveled at what the likely ingredients could be?

Eating out with serious allergies can be a frightful experience.  One wrong move, with gluten and dairy particularly can leave me off to A & E at worst and a very uncomfortable night at best.  So it is a beautiful thing to find my real needs met whilst away from my own kitchen.

Now to my surprise this wee gem of a cafe in lower Stuart Street, Dunedin (NZ) was able to not only give me great coffee, a warm and welcoming smile, a beautiful light filled spot to watch the world go by as I write or contemplate my business, but also now tempt me with creations of g.f. d.f. and r.f.s.f. delight.

A royal salute and tribute to this masquerading crown of ruby jewel.

Decadent and Scrum..didalee..umptious!

Given with Business Love

Carol Moulin

Managing Director

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With Sugar

Giving – Bashful about it in Business?


Synthesising my research for the upcoming professional and personal development workshop to be held in Dunedin is underway.  Flurries of paper, the clatter of keyboard keys and an internal clog upon clog within my thinking cap, all this activity will manifest the building of powerpoint slides within my presentation.  This will be quite a ‘work out’  of my repertoire of investigative research that has been undertaken over the last 15 years.    This big day in Spring has my entire focus alright!  The day itself was chosen carefully and I will reveal more detail soon with this regard.

Giving is a word that is used a lot at Christmas and sometimes at Easter.  Birthdays get the gift of giving and in between, most of us get too busy.

I am not a new fan of Nassim Harramein, a mathematician and scientist investigating broad areas, including biology, chemistry, physics and archeology, but now a fan of firm footing as I have been following his work for a few years now.  I work in the numbers industry and it is absolutely essential that I share my interest in broader mathematical ideas and theories.

Nassim Harramein at the age of nine contemplated deep issues about the geometrical and deeper nature of reality.  He had some experiences that can only be described as esoteric.  Nassim is not the only one to get insights in a non-linear way. Candice Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion also had insights from her dreams that resulted in pioneering breakthrough in her field, pharmaceutical research. There are many more of these stories that mesmerise us within science, and indeed the mystery of life itself as we hear historical accounts from the Greats as they share how they are inspired with information and actions for the progression of humanity.

My interest in geometry was initiated by a dream, a dream insight, like Candice had, my dream showed  three inter locking circles and this was the inspiration, together with poetry for a design I entered in the Hokonui Fashion Awards (Gore, NZ) some fifteen years ago and  has also formed a pointer toward my current conceptualisations which will be shared in The Life Code.

To clarify, non-linear means,  the information to solve a problem or answer a question comes into the awareness of the querent without the use of the analytical mind.  The mind would normally use historical understandings and information.  This non-linear way of receiving information can come in the form of insights, dreams or even out of body experiences, which is the way that Nassim experienced the start of a life time passion investigating how things work, cosmically and quantumly.  Now my writing here is not all about Nassim, but some more detail will be shared in my workshop mentioned earlier, but rather about something that he shared in my midnight u tube visit with him.

Nassim shared in this video that the universe was filled with space, 99.999% and that the space could be called the unified field.  This field is alive and intelligent.  Nassim explained that we give it information in the form of our understandings, learnings and experience and it give back to us.  We would not exist without it.

Nassim showed us that there are fields around us as humans and around the earth and the universe.  These fields are toroidal and they expand and contract.  This flow is giving and receiving.

In nature this is reiterated,  the giving and receiving principal.  The trees give us oxygen and we give to them carbon dioxide.  The sun shines on our earth and participates vitally in the process of  photosynthesis for the trees to give us oxygen and of course sun’s warmth is vital for all of life.  The list goes on about nature and I am sure you my reader do not need for me to go on and elaborate any further.  Suffice to say we live in a giving world, earth and beyond.

“We’re not just little hunks of meat. We’re vibrating like a tuning fork — we send out a vibration to other people. We broadcast and receive. Thus the emotions orchestrate the interactions among all our organs and systems to control that.”

At the biological level we have systems that work in harmony and each cell has a gift as a function for the greater good of the whole.  Giving is what we do!  It exists at the subconscious level.

Yet, we live in a competitive and money orientated world.  One where there seems to be no giving if there is no getting.  Conditions are applied.  The business world does this best.

We are social creatures, we are filled up when we have positive interactions and studies have shown that this is vital for our wellbeing.  My business works from a new perspective in business and that perspective is that the world needs to see more giving.  The sharing of resources, of time and of love.

That word love does not come into business much – but it should.  If you love your work in business you will cope with the ebb and flow much more effectively.  If you love your staff you will enjoy each others company whilst working and they will perform in ways that will surprise you.  Essentially giving and receiving.

Giving is natural.  Studies in business have shown that a habit of giving every day by an email to someone to thank them for something they have done, increases the connection to that person and makes positive chemicals in their body and you the giver will also have a positive chemical response.

“Emotions, Pert explains, are not simply chemicals in the brain. They are electrochemical signals that affect the chemistry and electricity of every cell in the body. The body’s electrical state is modulated by emotions, changing the world within the body. In turn, Pert finds emotional states affect the world outside the body”.

Candice Pert showed that stress literally changes the cells and causes aging and disease.  For us all to live and prosper it is essential for our internal health and our external world to ease the stress, to lift our emotions to higher ones.

Don’t be BASHFUL – Give a little today, tomorrow and next week.  Make it a special day for giving to your clients.  At your next newsletter give something that pushes your fears around giving.  Giving is important and the way we are at our core.

When we give we receive.

As part of my pledge to be part of the new perspective emerging around business and a better world for business, I have a free ticket to give away to my upcoming workshop.

To enter the FREE GIVEAWAY – Valued at $161.80.   I would like for you to tell me what you have done for someone else and I will make the draw on the 15th of September 2015.  Write your giving action to carol.decimalguru@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Given with business love.

The two quote in this work are from Six Seconds


Carol Moulin   all gurus words (1)

Managing Director (www.decimalguru.co.nz)

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BUSINESS IN THE NEW PARADIGM Xero Winter Roadshow (Dunedin, NZ)

GenY poem

Dunedin was the first to experience the Xero Winter Roadshow, last week, with local businesses attending together with visitors from other South Island regions. An atmosphere of efficiency and infectious energy was interwoven for the morning with information, tips and tricks and the revealing of even more of what the Xero platform has ahead, This latter was revealed with an aside from the presenter as the full reveal was scheduled at the Melbourne Xero Con on the 13th and 14th of August 2015.

As an attendee I was taken with the enthusiasm that the speakers presenting had for this amazing product. This drive and vision was substantiated by the latest Xero sales figures. In New Zealand now reaching 150,000.00 clients and globally a whooping 540,000.00. Numbers like these are worth ‘crunching’ and the company’s commitment, passion and vision has been clearly rewarded.

The guest speaker was Andrew Patterson, from Radio Live’s Sunday Business. I was particularly enthralled as he spoke with conviction regarding business today. He shared that business was operating within a new paradigm and this paradigm, could only be described as revolutionary and seen at no other time in history except with the advent of the steam engine. The famous Industrial Revolution.

This current revolution is the manifestation across many levels of our lives and brought on by technological advancements, but sited by the Road show as not only a result of the world wide web, but the advent of the Mobile Phone.

These factors have permeated business now offering more flexibility, economy and a foundation for germinating new concepts, thoughts and actions. This new energy is young at it’s heart and value and community I certainly picked up as threads

Gen Y, this is the title given to the age group that are riding the wave of this new energy. The exact age of this group, was something I could not define when I researched it, and seems to have some debate and indecision, but loosely children and grandchildren of the baby boomers.

This energy is vital, passionate and promotes growth and creativity.

As I listened, I embraced the revelation that this energy was deeply entrenched within my own business plan and vision and I assimilated the confidence for the pathway of my business to stay fresh in this new paradigm, this can be demonstrated by the add on solutions that Decimal Guru provides in motivation and de-stress, together with another dynamic New Zealand cloud accounting platform, Actionstep.

This diversity exemplified by my own business is something that the Gen Y are doing beautifully as touted by Andrew Paterson. The Gen Y, not only are coming up with winning ideas, but are prepared to be diverse and resilient in their career paths.  This diversity is extremely important not only for the technological changes but changes brought on by the global economy and the change at the root of people’s lives.. This change has fuelled the Gen Y (and beyond) to seek outside the square of their world and start up new enterprises, which is the ‘story’ of Decimal Guru’s inception.

Resilience is essential in this new paradigm not only conceptually but within us as we drive our business. This internal resilience attained by believing in our visions and managing our stress. A vital resilient attitude to see every limit as an opportunity. This Gen Y energy is that, creative and determined.

Be Resilient
Be Vigilant
Be Gen Y Inspired
Be part of the Change

Being in the NOW with this business revolution is essential and Decimal Guru has heard the call. This calling can be echoed to your business with our broad holistic business solutions.

Given with business Love….

Carol Moulin

Managing Director

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DECIMAL GURU  www.decimalguru.co.nz

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Compassion in Action – For Business Best or Balderdash!

business man with heart

We live in a complex world. We live in a world where we work hard, every day. Our weekends too have been filled with our internal ‘to do list’.  When do we stop to think about others?  Stressful lives have become the norm.  Stress writers talk about good stress and bad stress.  I elaborate here and would suggest that there is only managing ourselves.  Decimal Guru works within the new paradigm of business and our holistic approaches to managing the performance of your business is something that is a bit hard to embrace, when such approaches challenge our beliefs about business generally.  Those beliefs run along the lines of that business is analytical and competitive.

We are creatures of habit, doing the things the same way as they were done yesterday. We have a programme called the Optimism Reset Programme – a 21 day coaching to reset the optimism within yourself and this programme is modeled on the science of it taking 21 days to break a habit.  So when it comes to giving within the framework of our busy business lives, the 21 days science can be applied.

To reiterate, our days are filled with tasks, things we have to achieve.  This internal ‘to do list’ can create noise within us,  from the time we wake up till the time our head hits that soft and inviting pillow at night.  Our roles have changed dramatically over the last hundred years or so.   Our roles have merged, blended and morphed.  Women are often working and then doing work at home and we think all the new technology has assisted, but yet many many of us still feel that there is so little time for ourselves.

Some might say that we have improved, progressed, advanced and moved towards ascension. (Ascension what?! – A new age term for our collective evolution).

I think that it is true that there are people that are aware, that get it. That know that the material world is not the entire truth of their being. But what I write to share with you all today, is not about those that are aware. The ones that know to be of service to others and the greater good, but to those that are on the cusp of new understandings. The ones that need a little nudge. I think that as we live within our modern lives, we are used to being so busy that we pile the jobs up. We focus on our immediate life and our immediate circumstances. Within this there are often choices that we make that are unconscious. Choices that enable us to be distracted and mesmerised by the modern world itself. We become narrow in how we see things. We get lost in drama. What if, those tasks were not all necessary? What if you are making more work than is required to engage in a balanced way? What if there were more people around than can share your vision and can help you achieve it? What I am writing today is about us taking responsibility for ourselves and our collective responsibility to others.

I recently watched a video by Bruce Lipton, who wrote Biology of Belief and he shared in this video that within our bodies our cells interact in a synchronised way with each other. They essentially work together for the greater good of the bigger organism. This synthesis is found in all of nature, in the systems that we live within.

There is a myth out there that we end at the perimeters of our bodies. That we are separate. Science has shown that this is not so. We have been lead to believe that it is survival of the fittest and that families, the young, the elderly and the other vulnerable groups can be cared for by the ‘systems’. I have been part of those systems with children with high needs, and I can assure you those systems are failing our vulnerable. In New Zealand there are two in five children suffering from poverty and those statistics are reflected in many other countries.

In our business world we often are interacting with our communities, clients are our communities.  At Decimal Guru we work on a model of business that shares who we are and embraces the individuality of our clients in a personal way. This means we do business with real people and we offer “more than business”  This does not mean we do not have boundaries, on the contrary client relations tend not to break down, as there is a foundation of trust built in as we personalise business.

If you employ staff, being real about their needs and showing encouragement to perform based on their individual skill strengths and supporting greater learning will increase performance and loyalty.  Molding staff with a disciplinary approach to improve their  performance increases stress which creates costs to their health, their performance and ultimately to your business.

Compassion can transform your business – performance and profits

Compassion can transform your business – leadership, relationships and customer service.

Happy People are Successful People

Today, look beyond your world, prioritise others. Be a member of the C.I.A – Compassion in Action. Be a part of the change that our communities and our world desperately needs. Help others, share your resources and make random acts of kindness. This literally helps in a physical way to support others, but it also sends a cascade of good chemicals through your body and the body of the recipient (recipients). This in turn flows into optimum opportunity for balance within our physical bodies, our businesses and our communities.

Decimal Guru offers a 21 day challenge – For 21 days make a consistent effort within your business to give more.  A 21 day challenge to give more at home and in your communities.  This philosophy is being embraced globally – be part of the change.  The new Paradigm in Business

Decimal Guru offers business systems and accounting solutions, we also offer “more than business” with holistic add on solutions with da Motivational Guru and De-Stress Guru.  (We offer coaching, events and relaxation techniques).  Be sure to stay tuned for an all day workshop called The Life Code coming to Dunedin, New Zealand in September that will expand on this subject and much much more about how we can thrive in life.

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Given with Business Love

Carol Moulin

Managing Director, Decimal Guru, Dunedin   www.decimalguru.co.nz

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Business in the New Paradigm

Are we in a new paradigm in business?

Most certainly we are, a new era has begun!

Our lives are changing dramatically with each year.  New improvements in technology and new pioneering science is showing us rapidly how we can do things better.

Decimal Guru is part of this with a broad accounting and business systems approach delivering traditional solutions within a holistic framework.

Our holistic solutions are there to provide strong supports to enable you and your business to thrive.