Compassion in Action – For Business Best or Balderdash!

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We live in a complex world. We live in a world where we work hard, every day. Our weekends too have been filled with our internal ‘to do list’.  When do we stop to think about others?  Stressful lives have become the norm.  Stress writers talk about good stress and bad stress.  I elaborate here and would suggest that there is only managing ourselves.  Decimal Guru works within the new paradigm of business and our holistic approaches to managing the performance of your business is something that is a bit hard to embrace, when such approaches challenge our beliefs about business generally.  Those beliefs run along the lines of that business is analytical and competitive.

We are creatures of habit, doing the things the same way as they were done yesterday. We have a programme called the Optimism Reset Programme – a 21 day coaching to reset the optimism within yourself and this programme is modeled on the science of it taking 21 days to break a habit.  So when it comes to giving within the framework of our busy business lives, the 21 days science can be applied.

To reiterate, our days are filled with tasks, things we have to achieve.  This internal ‘to do list’ can create noise within us,  from the time we wake up till the time our head hits that soft and inviting pillow at night.  Our roles have changed dramatically over the last hundred years or so.   Our roles have merged, blended and morphed.  Women are often working and then doing work at home and we think all the new technology has assisted, but yet many many of us still feel that there is so little time for ourselves.

Some might say that we have improved, progressed, advanced and moved towards ascension. (Ascension what?! – A new age term for our collective evolution).

I think that it is true that there are people that are aware, that get it. That know that the material world is not the entire truth of their being. But what I write to share with you all today, is not about those that are aware. The ones that know to be of service to others and the greater good, but to those that are on the cusp of new understandings. The ones that need a little nudge. I think that as we live within our modern lives, we are used to being so busy that we pile the jobs up. We focus on our immediate life and our immediate circumstances. Within this there are often choices that we make that are unconscious. Choices that enable us to be distracted and mesmerised by the modern world itself. We become narrow in how we see things. We get lost in drama. What if, those tasks were not all necessary? What if you are making more work than is required to engage in a balanced way? What if there were more people around than can share your vision and can help you achieve it? What I am writing today is about us taking responsibility for ourselves and our collective responsibility to others.

I recently watched a video by Bruce Lipton, who wrote Biology of Belief and he shared in this video that within our bodies our cells interact in a synchronised way with each other. They essentially work together for the greater good of the bigger organism. This synthesis is found in all of nature, in the systems that we live within.

There is a myth out there that we end at the perimeters of our bodies. That we are separate. Science has shown that this is not so. We have been lead to believe that it is survival of the fittest and that families, the young, the elderly and the other vulnerable groups can be cared for by the ‘systems’. I have been part of those systems with children with high needs, and I can assure you those systems are failing our vulnerable. In New Zealand there are two in five children suffering from poverty and those statistics are reflected in many other countries.

In our business world we often are interacting with our communities, clients are our communities.  At Decimal Guru we work on a model of business that shares who we are and embraces the individuality of our clients in a personal way. This means we do business with real people and we offer “more than business”  This does not mean we do not have boundaries, on the contrary client relations tend not to break down, as there is a foundation of trust built in as we personalise business.

If you employ staff, being real about their needs and showing encouragement to perform based on their individual skill strengths and supporting greater learning will increase performance and loyalty.  Molding staff with a disciplinary approach to improve their  performance increases stress which creates costs to their health, their performance and ultimately to your business.

Compassion can transform your business – performance and profits

Compassion can transform your business – leadership, relationships and customer service.

Happy People are Successful People

Today, look beyond your world, prioritise others. Be a member of the C.I.A – Compassion in Action. Be a part of the change that our communities and our world desperately needs. Help others, share your resources and make random acts of kindness. This literally helps in a physical way to support others, but it also sends a cascade of good chemicals through your body and the body of the recipient (recipients). This in turn flows into optimum opportunity for balance within our physical bodies, our businesses and our communities.

Decimal Guru offers a 21 day challenge – For 21 days make a consistent effort within your business to give more.  A 21 day challenge to give more at home and in your communities.  This philosophy is being embraced globally – be part of the change.  The new Paradigm in Business

Decimal Guru offers business systems and accounting solutions, we also offer “more than business” with holistic add on solutions with da Motivational Guru and De-Stress Guru.  (We offer coaching, events and relaxation techniques).  Be sure to stay tuned for an all day workshop called The Life Code coming to Dunedin, New Zealand in September that will expand on this subject and much much more about how we can thrive in life.

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Given with Business Love

Carol Moulin

Managing Director, Decimal Guru, Dunedin

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