BUSINESS IN THE NEW PARADIGM Xero Winter Roadshow (Dunedin, NZ)

GenY poem

Dunedin was the first to experience the Xero Winter Roadshow, last week, with local businesses attending together with visitors from other South Island regions. An atmosphere of efficiency and infectious energy was interwoven for the morning with information, tips and tricks and the revealing of even more of what the Xero platform has ahead, This latter was revealed with an aside from the presenter as the full reveal was scheduled at the Melbourne Xero Con on the 13th and 14th of August 2015.

As an attendee I was taken with the enthusiasm that the speakers presenting had for this amazing product. This drive and vision was substantiated by the latest Xero sales figures. In New Zealand now reaching 150,000.00 clients and globally a whooping 540,000.00. Numbers like these are worth ‘crunching’ and the company’s commitment, passion and vision has been clearly rewarded.

The guest speaker was Andrew Patterson, from Radio Live’s Sunday Business. I was particularly enthralled as he spoke with conviction regarding business today. He shared that business was operating within a new paradigm and this paradigm, could only be described as revolutionary and seen at no other time in history except with the advent of the steam engine. The famous Industrial Revolution.

This current revolution is the manifestation across many levels of our lives and brought on by technological advancements, but sited by the Road show as not only a result of the world wide web, but the advent of the Mobile Phone.

These factors have permeated business now offering more flexibility, economy and a foundation for germinating new concepts, thoughts and actions. This new energy is young at it’s heart and value and community I certainly picked up as threads

Gen Y, this is the title given to the age group that are riding the wave of this new energy. The exact age of this group, was something I could not define when I researched it, and seems to have some debate and indecision, but loosely children and grandchildren of the baby boomers.

This energy is vital, passionate and promotes growth and creativity.

As I listened, I embraced the revelation that this energy was deeply entrenched within my own business plan and vision and I assimilated the confidence for the pathway of my business to stay fresh in this new paradigm, this can be demonstrated by the add on solutions that Decimal Guru provides in motivation and de-stress, together with another dynamic New Zealand cloud accounting platform, Actionstep.

This diversity exemplified by my own business is something that the Gen Y are doing beautifully as touted by Andrew Paterson. The Gen Y, not only are coming up with winning ideas, but are prepared to be diverse and resilient in their career paths.  This diversity is extremely important not only for the technological changes but changes brought on by the global economy and the change at the root of people’s lives.. This change has fuelled the Gen Y (and beyond) to seek outside the square of their world and start up new enterprises, which is the ‘story’ of Decimal Guru’s inception.

Resilience is essential in this new paradigm not only conceptually but within us as we drive our business. This internal resilience attained by believing in our visions and managing our stress. A vital resilient attitude to see every limit as an opportunity. This Gen Y energy is that, creative and determined.

Be Resilient
Be Vigilant
Be Gen Y Inspired
Be part of the Change

Being in the NOW with this business revolution is essential and Decimal Guru has heard the call. This calling can be echoed to your business with our broad holistic business solutions.

Given with business Love….

Carol Moulin

Managing Director

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