Giving – Bashful about it in Business?


Synthesising my research for the upcoming professional and personal development workshop to be held in Dunedin is underway.  Flurries of paper, the clatter of keyboard keys and an internal clog upon clog within my thinking cap, all this activity will manifest the building of powerpoint slides within my presentation.  This will be quite a ‘work out’  of my repertoire of investigative research that has been undertaken over the last 15 years.    This big day in Spring has my entire focus alright!  The day itself was chosen carefully and I will reveal more detail soon with this regard.

Giving is a word that is used a lot at Christmas and sometimes at Easter.  Birthdays get the gift of giving and in between, most of us get too busy.

I am not a new fan of Nassim Harramein, a mathematician and scientist investigating broad areas, including biology, chemistry, physics and archeology, but now a fan of firm footing as I have been following his work for a few years now.  I work in the numbers industry and it is absolutely essential that I share my interest in broader mathematical ideas and theories.

Nassim Harramein at the age of nine contemplated deep issues about the geometrical and deeper nature of reality.  He had some experiences that can only be described as esoteric.  Nassim is not the only one to get insights in a non-linear way. Candice Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion also had insights from her dreams that resulted in pioneering breakthrough in her field, pharmaceutical research. There are many more of these stories that mesmerise us within science, and indeed the mystery of life itself as we hear historical accounts from the Greats as they share how they are inspired with information and actions for the progression of humanity.

My interest in geometry was initiated by a dream, a dream insight, like Candice had, my dream showed  three inter locking circles and this was the inspiration, together with poetry for a design I entered in the Hokonui Fashion Awards (Gore, NZ) some fifteen years ago and  has also formed a pointer toward my current conceptualisations which will be shared in The Life Code.

To clarify, non-linear means,  the information to solve a problem or answer a question comes into the awareness of the querent without the use of the analytical mind.  The mind would normally use historical understandings and information.  This non-linear way of receiving information can come in the form of insights, dreams or even out of body experiences, which is the way that Nassim experienced the start of a life time passion investigating how things work, cosmically and quantumly.  Now my writing here is not all about Nassim, but some more detail will be shared in my workshop mentioned earlier, but rather about something that he shared in my midnight u tube visit with him.

Nassim shared in this video that the universe was filled with space, 99.999% and that the space could be called the unified field.  This field is alive and intelligent.  Nassim explained that we give it information in the form of our understandings, learnings and experience and it give back to us.  We would not exist without it.

Nassim showed us that there are fields around us as humans and around the earth and the universe.  These fields are toroidal and they expand and contract.  This flow is giving and receiving.

In nature this is reiterated,  the giving and receiving principal.  The trees give us oxygen and we give to them carbon dioxide.  The sun shines on our earth and participates vitally in the process of  photosynthesis for the trees to give us oxygen and of course sun’s warmth is vital for all of life.  The list goes on about nature and I am sure you my reader do not need for me to go on and elaborate any further.  Suffice to say we live in a giving world, earth and beyond.

“We’re not just little hunks of meat. We’re vibrating like a tuning fork — we send out a vibration to other people. We broadcast and receive. Thus the emotions orchestrate the interactions among all our organs and systems to control that.”

At the biological level we have systems that work in harmony and each cell has a gift as a function for the greater good of the whole.  Giving is what we do!  It exists at the subconscious level.

Yet, we live in a competitive and money orientated world.  One where there seems to be no giving if there is no getting.  Conditions are applied.  The business world does this best.

We are social creatures, we are filled up when we have positive interactions and studies have shown that this is vital for our wellbeing.  My business works from a new perspective in business and that perspective is that the world needs to see more giving.  The sharing of resources, of time and of love.

That word love does not come into business much – but it should.  If you love your work in business you will cope with the ebb and flow much more effectively.  If you love your staff you will enjoy each others company whilst working and they will perform in ways that will surprise you.  Essentially giving and receiving.

Giving is natural.  Studies in business have shown that a habit of giving every day by an email to someone to thank them for something they have done, increases the connection to that person and makes positive chemicals in their body and you the giver will also have a positive chemical response.

“Emotions, Pert explains, are not simply chemicals in the brain. They are electrochemical signals that affect the chemistry and electricity of every cell in the body. The body’s electrical state is modulated by emotions, changing the world within the body. In turn, Pert finds emotional states affect the world outside the body”.

Candice Pert showed that stress literally changes the cells and causes aging and disease.  For us all to live and prosper it is essential for our internal health and our external world to ease the stress, to lift our emotions to higher ones.

Don’t be BASHFUL – Give a little today, tomorrow and next week.  Make it a special day for giving to your clients.  At your next newsletter give something that pushes your fears around giving.  Giving is important and the way we are at our core.

When we give we receive.

As part of my pledge to be part of the new perspective emerging around business and a better world for business, I have a free ticket to give away to my upcoming workshop.

To enter the FREE GIVEAWAY – Valued at $161.80.   I would like for you to tell me what you have done for someone else and I will make the draw on the 15th of September 2015.  Write your giving action to

I look forward to hearing from you.

Given with business love.

The two quote in this work are from Six Seconds

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