Crown Masquerade

Strawberry Cheesecake

Fit for a Queen I say!

A crown of ruby jewel strawberry atop an inner creamy wealth, with a base of biscuit.

This crown, a royal tart……is masquerading as a cheesecake!

Meandering the meaning behind the why’s and why nots of a diet low in refined sugar, gluten and dairy free is quite a life changer for this southland born gal.  I grew up in a sleepy community,  where tractors rolling and chugging down the main street were normal, along with meat and veg mains.  My mother a keen bread maker and cook would supply us with iced coconut cup cakes and brandy snaps and the more treasured treats like cherry and almond louise slice.

Suffice to say I learnt the art of cooking within these traditions and later with the influence of a mother in law, the louise slice became gooey caramel and the country eggs from the farm home I found myself living on became pavlova, both traditional and rolled.  The eggs for these treats were found over the way, from the rumble, character proud farm house I called home, down the hill, across the paddock and over a fence or two. Happy chickens makes bright coloured happy yolks and spare eggs meant desserts.  Sadly this egg abundance stopped with life changes and a migration up country to the friendly city of Dunedin.

These traditions leave us with warm feelings and nostalgic memories.  The memories are often hard to shake and the habits indeed harder when it comes to changing lifestyle choices for sugar, gluten and dairy.

It is true, I have mourned my former ways.  The nostalgia of pudding, dessert, cream and tart.  The nostalgia of saucy caramel and other truffle.  I used to be happy to eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and if it came in the form of a scrumptious cake, then so be it.  I was the queen cook for our family at Christmas with traditions with a twist and fridges filled with fluffy cream and custard.

Adventures into gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free have insisted my cooking approach be re-vamped, re-conditioned and re-evaluated.  I have found myself combining ingredients for their health benefits and not to the benefit of my sensory indulgence.

So I was so excited to satisfy my taste buds earlier this week with a stunner treat.  This little artistic, layered and strategically stacked delight seduced me from Sugar’s glass cabinet.  Winking at me with her royal tease, regally sitting on her platform inviting to me with her commanding reign.  A thought went through my head “this can’t be so,  a treat , gluten free, refined sugar free and also dairy free.” My experience with cheesecake is dairy.  What this means is, cream cheese  – dairy.  But no, here we have a delight with the same look as a mini cheesecake but with labels that proclaim – friendly reign – safe for me from allergy.

I eagerly sat down with two forks one for me and one for my cafe treat companion.  I put the first morsel into my mouth and sampled the texture and the taste.  I was waiting for the treat to be nothing more than a farce of seduction, but was delightedly surprised.   I  marveled at what the likely ingredients could be?

Eating out with serious allergies can be a frightful experience.  One wrong move, with gluten and dairy particularly can leave me off to A & E at worst and a very uncomfortable night at best.  So it is a beautiful thing to find my real needs met whilst away from my own kitchen.

Now to my surprise this wee gem of a cafe in lower Stuart Street, Dunedin (NZ) was able to not only give me great coffee, a warm and welcoming smile, a beautiful light filled spot to watch the world go by as I write or contemplate my business, but also now tempt me with creations of g.f. d.f. and r.f.s.f. delight.

A royal salute and tribute to this masquerading crown of ruby jewel.

Decadent and Scrum..didalee..umptious!

Given with Business Love

Carol Moulin

Managing Director

Decimal Guru    Decimal Guru Webpage

With Sugar


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